Welcome to our Interest Group

Our recently combined Underwriting and Personal Lines Interest Group welcomes you! We provide pertinent, cutting edge information of interest to all insurance and financial services professionals in our industry. We are actively involved with task forces and the Society Leadership Council; contributing to Insights (CPCU's professional journal) and developing relevant webinars and seminars. Whether you have an agency or a company focus, work in underwriting or claims, or are a provider or purchaser, our team will help you meet colleagues, learn about all aspects of insurance - both professionally and personally, and we extend you a sincere “Welcome!"

A message from your 2021 Chair Sue Snyder and Vice Chair Dar Beachy –

The Underwriting and Personal Lines Interest Groups are combining to provide even greater benefits to our CPCU members. The new brand will be the “Underwriting Interest Group” helping with a seamless merge of the two. We bring a larger sphere of influence, inviting more creativity and flexibility in our mission, which is to present our interest group members and the broader CPCU Society with useful knowledge garnered from industry experts. Our combined Underwriting Interest Group Committee is a diverse group of personal and commercial lines’ professionals, who represent large and small carriers, claims and product management, technology and data analytics, training, compliance, and insurance education—all in one committee! We invite you to get to know us at the In2Risk (Annual Meeting) and at the CPCU Society SCALE Summit. If you can’t attend those, look for opportunities to engage with us via social media and webinars. If you have ideas, thoughts or recommendations for the Underwriting Interest Group, please reach out to Sue Snyder, our Chair or Dar Beachy, our Vice Chair. We value your opinions and comments as we look to build value for the Society.